OPHA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, composed of officers, two members-at-large, the Past President, the Public Policy Committee Chair, the Membership Committee Chair, and the Student Caucus Chair. 

  • The ARGC Affiliate Representative is appointed by the President for a three-year term. 

  • The Public Policy Committee Chair and the Membership Committee Chair are appointed by the President for a one-year term. 

  • The Student Caucus Chair is appointed by members of the Student Caucus.  

  • All other members of the Board are elected by the OPHA membership.

The thirteen section/caucus chairs are elected by the membership their respective sections/caucuses.  The two Section/Caucus reps are responsible for maintaining open and fluid communication between the Board of Directors and the sections/caucuses so the "voice" of the sections/caucuses is heard and actively engaged within all decisions taken by the Board of Directors.


President - Daryn Kirkpatrick, MPH, CPH

President Elect - Aundria Goree, MPH, LSSGB

Secretary - Floritta Pope, M.S.M

Treasurer - Barbara Colbert

APHA Affiliate Representative - Yanet Trejo

      2019-2020 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Past President - D'Elbie Walker

Members-at-Large - Cynthia McGough & Marcus Bruner

Public Policy Committee Chair - Anthony Kibble

Membership Committee Chair

Section/Caucus Rep 1 - Tamara Braxton

Section/Caucus Rep 2 -  Pam Rask

Student Caucus Rep - Marcus Bruner

           2019-2020 COMMITTEES
Board Governance Chair- Pam Rask & Cynthia McGough
Membership Chair-  
Resource Development
Public Policy Chair- Anthony Kibble 
Conference Planning Chair- Aundria Goree
PR/Marketing Chair - Emilia Hart
Finance Chair- Barbara Colbert 
Awards Chair- Melody Bays
Program Development-



Oklahoma Public Health Association
121 NE 52nd Street, Ste. 260
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

The OPHA office is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM, excluding state holidays.

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