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  • 17 Dec 2014 11:56 AM | Deleted user

    OPHA's mission is to promote public health improvements through education, practice & advocacy.  One way OPHA members and other individuals interested in public health advocacy can stay informed about legislative issues that may impact public health is to follow this new blog.  You can automatically be alerted to new posts by clicking the RSS icon.

    By clicking on the RSS icon, you can subscribe and be automatically notified of updates to the blog in your RSS reader. You'll then need to click on "Subscribe to this Feed" and a pop-up box will appear that will allow you to decide where to house your RSS feed.  (If you're using Google Chrome, you may need to add a RSS subscription extension to your browser.  Follow the hyperlinked instructions to learn more about that.)

    When I subscribed to the RSS feed on my computer using Internet Explorer, I chose to name the feed "OPHA Advocacy Alerts" and put it in the Feeds folder. I also clicked the box to Add to Favorites Bar. Once I hit Subscribe, I was all done.  Now, whenever a new alert posts to this blog, I'll get an alert.

    I hope this helps you stay informed. In the future, as the need to contact your legislators becomes more important, OPHA may provide you with an email templates in which to do so. Should you have any questions about advocacy or policy, please contact opha@opha.net.

    Until that time, I would encourage you to contact your legislators - just to say hello. See what he/she wants to accomplish in this legislative session. Tell him/her about the things that you care about.

    Start the dialogue. Build the relationship. Make that connection.

    Lynn Goldberg-Smith

    OPHA Past President, 2013-2014

For more information, contact Ellen Niemitalo, Public Policy Committee Chair: eniemitalo@tulsa-health.org

Please visit APHA's Advocacy website for more information.

'Promoting public health improvements through education, practice, and advocacy'

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