'Promoting public health improvements through education, practice, and advocacy'

Welcome to the Oklahoma Public Health Association website! As an affiliate of the American Public Health Association, the OPHA provides a forum for the professional enrichment of more than 1,000 dedicated public health professionals.

As public health professionals, our OPHA president, Aundria Goree, is challenging all of us to lead with heart. Revive and strengthen collaborative partnerships. Make space at the table and amplify the voices of those who go unheard. As public health professionals, we must be innovative, sustain cultural change, be good stewards, and act as voices in our communities.

If you want to become involved with OPHA or need support as a public health professional, we are here! Reach out by emailing us at opha@opha.net.

Public Health Week

Join us as we celebrate National Public Health Week: Building Bridges to Better Health. This year, National Public Health Week will be held April 5-11. The purpose of National Public Health Week is to raise awareness for public health as we strive to make Oklahoma a healthier state and America the healthiest nation. 


Thank you to all our public health professionals working on the front lines and behind the scenes to stop the spread and prevent further infection of COVID-19. You are making a difference.






OPHA Anti-Racism Statement

The Oklahoma Public Health Association is committed to improving diversity and inclusion. Join us as we work to break down barriers to equity in our great state.

View the OPHA Anti-Racism Statement here.

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